Fraser Campbell Property Management Ltd. knows that quality management starts with a clear understanding of our clients' needs. Because we recognize that no two condominiums are alike, we can customize our service to meet the unique requirements of each. The following list details the services provided under our Comprehensive Strata Management package. We are available to help adapt your management package to ensure that all your needs are met.

A. Administration

  1. Record and distribute minutes of strata council meeting and circulate to owners within 72 hours of the meeting.
  2. Receive and respond to all strata corporation correspondence.
  3. Maintain accurate records of all owners and tenants.
  4. Prepare and register the strata corporation bylaws and all subsequent amendments.
  5. Supervise and maintain all strata corporation records, contracts, and legal obligations.
  6. Prepare and circulate meeting notices and agendas.
  7. Consult and coordinate with strata council on all matters relating to the strata corporation.
  8. Assist with interpretation of the Strata Property Act and the Real Estate Services Act, their amendments and generally accepted applications throughout the BC condominium industry.

B. Maintenance

  1. Attend council meetings, annual general meetings, and special general meetings.
  2. Hire, supervise and review employees and contractors.
  3. Ensure that bylaws, rules, and regulations are adhered to by owners at the direction of the strata council.
  4. Report on common property upkeep.
  5. Provide 24 hour emergency answering and paging services.
  6. Prepare contracts for tender, obtain competitive bids, and negotiate maintenance contracts for common property services.
  7. Review, execute, and renew maintenance and service contracts for common property services.
  8. Purchase supplies and equipment required for the operation and maintenance of common property.
  9. Implement maintenance procedures, including grounds maintenance and repairs, for all common property at the direction of the strata council.

C. Accounting Management Services

  1. Calculate, collect, record and deposit monthly maintenance fees.
  2. Arrears collection; levy fines and liens as per collection procedures.
  3. Maintain all accounting records.
  4. Receive, approve and pay all invoices in accordance with approved budget or strata council consent.
  5. Maintain and reconcile necessary bank accounts.
  6. Prepare Form F and Form B documentation.
  7. Prepare yearend financial statement and/or arrange for external audit.
  8. Arrange annual trust account audits according to statutory requirements.
  9. Prepare projected annual operating budget.
  10. Review, negotiate and renew common property appraisals and insurance coverage.
  11. Provide payroll accounting.
  12. Prepare detailed monthly financial statements and comparative analysis of actual to budgeted income and expense and deliver it to the strata council by the 15th of the following month.

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